Alpha Golden Foundation

Alpha Golden Foundation: Alpha Gold Foundation is built on the shared Core Values encompassing the beliefs, philosophies and ethics of our business identity.  It guides and helps Alpha’s overall decision making for our stakeholders; Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Social Communities, and Shareholders.



Alpha is a place where the inspired people deliver the promise to be the number one copper rod producer in Southeast Asia. Through our core values, we go about our jobs with building trust, embrace change and passion for results that exceed our internal and external customers' expectation. We lead change and change to lead. We are committed to altruism principle of unselfish concern for the welfare of our people by providing a great place to work, without compromising safety and 5S. We pledge to deliver “WOW” to our stakeholders.





At Alpha, we find ways to serve and delighting people in a meaningful and memorable way by Delivering WOW to our stakeholders. This motto helps company attract right customers, attracting and retaining talents with inspired leadership which bring us to a favourable Return of Investment to stakeholder such as, Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Social Communities and Shareholders.


Core values are critically important for creating a great workplace. Our core values represent the fundamental principles that dictate our behaviour and guide us to define how we interact with our employees, customers, suppliers, social communities and shareholders in our day to day work toward achieving our business objectives and to create a positive and rewarding experience for all our stakeholders.

Core-Value-Buildig-Trust-Logo.png 1. Building Trust
We collaborate closely and deliver excellent results through teamwork and open dialogue
  • We choose to give clean, honest and constructive feedback to our colleagues and team
  • We practice altruism principle of unselfish concern for the welfare of others in making our decision
  • We practice empathy listening. Be loyal to the absent
  • We comply with company code of conduct - Honesty, Integrity and Fairness in all Alpha’s business dealings
  • We lead by example in our work place
  • We support for people/team development and provision of continuous learning environment

Core-Value-Embrace-Chg-Logo.png 2. Embrace change
  • We take initiative and responsibility to champion the root-cause analysis towards problem that we faced
  • We use PDCA problem solving tools in our work place
  • We go to the source to find the facts and make correct decision (Genchi Genbutsu Genjitsu)
  • We embrace change without fear, for sustaining growth
  • We do not give up.  Be passionate with determination
Core-Value-Passion-for-Results-logo.png 3. Passion for results
  • We contribute towards a safe and accident-free working environment
  • We admit mistakes, accept complaints, feedback from customers; fix them and learn from them
  • We do our level best to satisfy customer’s expectation and zero compromise on products quality




  1. Adopt a can-do attitude: Face obstacles without fear and a determination to succeed. Show initiative in taking ownership for tasks and channel energy and resourcefulness into getting positive results.

  2. Set Clear Goals and Expectation: Set clear goals with time frame that are challenging but achievable, and strive to achieve them with a sense of ownership and dedication. Track progress regularly and monitor performance, taking appropriate actions to address any obstacles or changes in direction.

  3. Prioritisation and Systematic: Help us to handle multiple demands on our time, prioritise the right actions to deliver our business results. Delegation doesn’t mean just letting go.  We must ensure the capability exists, follow up progress and give feedback, take additional steps if necessary.

  4. Altruism: Getting a result you are happy with whilst maintaining a good working relationship with unselfish concern for the welfare of others in making our decision.

  5. Build Relationship: Develop long-term relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers. Understand the expectation in the supply chain, and the impact of your actions on the future we all share.

  6. Team Work: Promote a team culture. Create bonds with your colleagues and help to encourage and develop others within your team. Understand how your team/unit fits in to the wider Alpha family and how the organisation works as a whole. Take the time to celebrate successes.

  7. Continuous Improvement: Give your whole-heartedness to seek out opportunities to find new solutions to old problems. Be receptive and open-minded to new ideas and creative thinking. Be prepared to let go of old practices and traditions.